Tune Up Your Business With a Musical Image

From Money Music Incorporated


Money Music Incorporated has what your business needs: a jingle demo created 100% custom just for you! With information obtained through a needs analysis conducted by ad agency owner Jay Nicholson, the process begins. This method produces consistent messages from your business to your target audience in a unique, memorable and creative way. A demo scratch track is available to qualified businesses at no charge. *


While generating long-term business through sonic branding and name awareness, Money Music Incorporated’s unique methods and strategies help increase new business and support word-of-mouth. This unique resource helps your business become a more visible, memorable entity in the marketplace, thereby increasing top of-mind awareness and relationship oriented business.


Money Music Incorporated uses the best creative talent available, delivering products that are national quality. With more than thirty years individual experience, they have built a creative-driven firm that thoroughly understands branding principles. The process is simple, productive and very fun.

*Businesses will be interviewed individually for qualification.

Real Instruments, played by in-house talent, keeps fast turnaround a specialty.

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