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Established in 2004, Money Music Incorporated (MMI) is an amalgam of creative, marketing and musical talent that produces award-winning music for advertising. From musical images to video post-scores, MMI reaches out and touches the target audience with unique and memorable marketing, lyrics and melodies. Plus, THEY HAVE MORE THAN 500 SCRATCH JINGLES TO THEIR CREDIT.


TO INCREASE EVERYONE’S SALES through reliable, proven techniques! MMI utilizes a highly effective, unique approach in assisting companies, stations, and marketing firms generate growth, utilizing their experience and methods. Jay Nicholson and Ned Wilkinson have refined their skills to create the kind of branding which results in huge awareness for companies, large or small. When you work with Jay and Ned, you’re letting the music marketing make the money!

Jay Nicholson began his career in the advertising business while working his way through college as a graphic designer. He has since become the OWNER/ OPERATOR of a successful mid-western company, The Nicholson Agency. For more than THREE DECADES he has been successful in GROWING BUSINESSES–all types of businesses–from locally based small family companies to large corporations.

Although originally from the creative side of advertising, through the years he specialized in marketing, product development, branding, media and all facets of creative direction. HE HAS ALSO WON OVER 500 CREATIVEAWARDS. MMI raises awareness to increase sales for EVERYONE. His biggest joy is witnessing the economic impact that lyrics and music have on his clients’ bottom line.

Ned “The Band” Wilkinson is wizardry at work. An honors graduate of BERKLEE COLLEGE OF MUSIC in Boston, Ned brings to the table a lifelong romance with the music he creates. HE PLAYS EVERY INSTRUMENT KNOWN TO MAN, and has even invented a few of his own. A brilliant writer and composer, Ned has been producing COMMERCIAL MUSIC his entire adult life.

From composing entire music shows in the Branson, Missouri and Orlando areas, to post-scoring film and video productions, his talent scope is as vast as the arrangements he creates. Give him a subject, any subject, and he will pen you a “Ned original,” full of charm and vigor. One listen, and you’ll know he’s no ordinary one-man band.


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MMI specializes in creating all-original music and lyrics for your project or business. If you like, we can even write the demo while you wait! Plus, production time is usually less than two weeks for delivery. Call today for a FREE consultation.

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