Tune Up Your Sales With a Musical Image

From Money Music Incorporated


Money Music Incorporated produces custom musical image demos RIGHT BEFORE THE ADVERTISER’S EYES! Research and information, obtained through a personal needs analysis with ad veteran Jay Nicholson, drives the creative direction. This method consistently produces messages that target the audience in a unique and creative way.


While generating long term business through sonic branding, Money Music Incorporated’s unique methods and strategies will improve your chances of making sales goals and beyond. Providing this unique resource helps sellers become a more valuable asset to the advertiser, thereby increasing local-direct relationship business.


Money Music Incorporated uses the best creative talent available, delivering national quality products. With more than thirty years individual experience, they have built a creative-driven firm who thoroughly understands branding principles. Compensated strictly on performance, this is a NO RISK proposition. One, 3-day workshop can serve 12 pre-qualified prospects, with an average closing rate of 91% among decision makers. MMI provides support materials and coaches your sellers to prepare for appointments. The process is very simple, productive and downright fun!

Increase your sales numbers while providing the original brandings clients need.

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